ALLOVER textile collection

textile collection, 2019
Imagination or reality
The collection „Allover“ transfers the world of bacteria to an aesthetic textile level. By resorting to familiar basic shapes, securing your presence with contrasting, striking colors and by making the tiny creatures tangible, you awaken a mixture of fascination and shudder in its chaotic swarm. The invisible becomes visible, but at the same time becomes a field of imagination and projection.

Since most microscopic images are black and white, many scientific representations of microorganisms are colored to attract attention in articles or studies. Although this does not correspond to reality, we still associate these high-contrast and bright colors with the smallest organisms.

Even if microorganisms are usually perceived as a single basic unit, they are very diverse in terms of shape and size. Nevertheless, it is bacilli-shaped bacteria that first come to mind. Accordingly, this shape was taken up as a source of inspiration for this textile collection.

Clara Santos Thomas, 2019
Part of the two-part project „Allover“
This project was developed within the context of the project
„Βιος λόγος – Mapping the Nature“
Prof. Zane Berzina
Support: Christian Frank Müller
Wintersemester 2018/2019
BA Textile and Surface Design
weißensee kunsthochschule berlin

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