design project, 2020
JoinedUp investigates degrees of mobility and stability in the interplay between an outer shell and its inner segments.

The performance of the spine and vertebral joints is defined by the relation between fibers, muscles and bones. By studying the rigid form of bones and outer connective tissues and by translating them into a more simplified system, we discovered that the principle of tension and compression is relevant for the different degrees of movement and limitations.

A modular system is created by approaching this principle of tension and compression in combination with research regarding form and materiality. JoinedUp consists of long segments connected by a series of joints, which are built of consecutive spheres surrounded by a knitted shell. Due to different sizes and different kinds of joints, multiple structural forms are possible. By having the freedom to creatively arrange it, the jointed structure can be playfully discovered. Adding to this structural discovery, a special tactile and visual experience can be attained through sensing the colorful materialities of knit and wood.

Antonia Dönitz, Carlotta Scholz & Clara Santos Thomas, 2020
This project was developed within the context of the project
„Scaling Nature II: Fibers, Muscles, Bones“
Prof. Christiane Sauer
Wintersemester 2019/2020
BA/MA Textile and Surface Design
weißensee kunsthochschule berlin
In cooperation with the Cluster „Matters of Activity. Image Space Material“.
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